7 Places You Probably Need to Clean

7 Places You Probably Need to Clean

A nice reminder of some forgettable spots

If this post makes you feel attacked, same, I promise we are writing this because we’re just as guilty of only cleaning the easy-to-see places! We’re in this one together, let’s do this:

Top of mirrors/windows

The top of anything, really, especially if you aren’t the tallest like me, it’s easy to skip over! Out of sight out of mind. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.. it definitely is and it’s not so pretty. Wipe down that dust with some Spruse cleaner and microfiber towel!


The Spruse eraser is a MUST for this one. Baseboards get all kinds of scuffs and stains and can always use a good clean.

Top of cabinets

Climb on those counters and get the not so pretty dust piles hiding above your kitchen and bathroom cabinets! It may even help ease allergy symptoms in your household.


How the heck something that is constantly full of cleaning solution and water gets so dirty is a mystery to us all but this is a must! Keep your dishes extra clean by cleaning their.. cleaner.


You know what I mean, you probably clean this one! Personally I just need the reminder here and there, the sticky sauces that spill in those door shelves, condensation spots, leftovers, it could always use an extra run through.


Coasters and cup holders are just always sticky, right? It’s in their nature. Use the Spruse soft scrub and microfiber towel to get rid of that stick. It’s magic for stove tops and car cup holders, too, a few forgettable spot, honorable mentions that didn’t make the blog post!

Bathroom drawers

Maybe it seems random but these drawers can get quite messy. Hair product, toothpaste, makeup, accidental spills and the general dust/hair buildup, empty out your drawers every once in awhile and give them a good deep clean!

Happy cleaning!


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