A clean home, is a safe home.

Our Story

Spruse Home


Spruse has roots in the cleaning industry, originating as a top-rated cleaning service company based out of Seattle, Spruse Clean, we love what we do but knew we wanted to do more.
We took our years of experience cleaning homes of all types to create our own line of cleaning products, Spruse Home. With over 2 years of developing and perfecting these products, our idea was able to go from our minds, into your homes. We saw the demand for more convenient and effective cleaning products and systems, and we took the initiative to create our Spruse Home line and community.
We are a small, but ambitious team dedicated to being the best solution for all types of families, homes and communities across the country.
And we’re happy you’re here.

Our Background


Spruse Home


Our product development goals are to be as effective, safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Our cleaning solutions are manufactured using sustainable practices, and we will always be transparent with our ingredients. Spruse is constantly and consistently working toward better, more sustainable solutions and minimizing our environmental impact.
A Clean Home
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Spruse Home is here to help make your home cleaner! With Spruse Home, you can also play a role in saving our planet as our solutions are sustainably manufactured & certi-green.