A Week of Affirmations

A Week of Affirmations

Change your mindset, change your life

Affirmations are powerful and they don’t have to mean a pep talk in the mirror! Take the time to resonate with these each day, save them and journal about them, set them as your phone’s wallpaper, speak them out loud, share them with a friend.. however you can fit these into your life this week, let’s do it together!


Focus: Raise your vibe! Change your mindset, change your life.


Focus: Trust yourself, trust the universe, trust that things will work out, trust! Breathe out the rest, you don’t need it weighing you down.


Focus: Know your worth, ask for more, you deserve it all.


Focus: The law of attraction is just as real as the laws of gravity. Magnetize! Call in what you want in people, opportunities, finances, you’re powerful.


Focus: No such thing as too good to be true, it’s all true and it’s all for you!


Focus: Quit waiting for things to “make” you happy, find the happy and things will come!


Focus: Sit in your power, your energy is contagious, your skills are needed.

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