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BoardWalk Curve - Air Freshener - Fresh Mango (10/BX 6BX/CS)

BoardWalk Curve - Air Freshener - Fresh Mango (10/BX 6BX/CS)

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Boardwalk® Curve Air Freshener is convenient way to mask unpleasant odors with consistent odor control. Place these air fresheners anywhere with the accompanying easy-to-use, clip holder. Each freshener is individually wrapped to seal in scent and freshens consistently for 30 days. Includes five fasteners per box. The unique date tabs allow you to easily keep track of replacement, ensuring a consistently fresher smelling area. The powerful scent contains 50-100x more fragrance than standard rimsticks.

  • Universal Fittings
  • Scent: Mango
  • Color: Clear

Manf. ID: 100871

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