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Ecolab® Nexa Refillable Dispenser Bottle , 1250 mL, 4/CS (ECO92023330)

Ecolab® Nexa Refillable Dispenser Bottle , 1250 mL, 4/CS (ECO92023330)

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Establishing proper hand-washing procedures is one of the easiest ways to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and prevent the spread of foodborne illness in your operation. Ecolab's comprehensive program will strengthen good manufacturing practices on the production
floor and throughout your facility. We’ve developed a total hand hygiene system that combines effective chemistry with technology and training making your hand cleaning habits efficient, safe and simple.

Refillable bottle for Nexa 1250 ml dispensers. 


  • Proprietary packaging system delivers consistent, accurate dispensing
  • Mounting plate drill holes align with most currently available dispensers
  • Easy to access and load product with low and high dose settings
  • Dispenses liquid and foam products for streamlined purchasing and inventory
  • Flexible drip tray is easy to add and remove for simple cleaning
  • Clear side window provides easy usage monitoring and visible expiration date
  • One-handed activation on manual dispenser Indicator light monitors battery life
  • Easily accessible battery pack requires no tools access for quick and simple changes
  • Universal cartridge works in both manual and touch-free systems
  • Dispenser badges for easy bacterial soap or hand sanitizer identification
  • 10 - refill bottles per case
  • Manf #: 92023329

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