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Water Soluble Bag, 19x22", Clear, PK100 (G5660693)

Water Soluble Bag, 19x22", Clear, PK100 (G5660693)

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Medegen Water Soluble Bags are an environmentally-friendly and hygienic solution to minimize contamination. Simply place the contaminated linens in the bag and place in the washer. The laundry bags dissolve completely in water temperature of 140˚ F (60˚ C) or above. The hot water dissolvable laundry bags will not damage laundry, equipment, or sewer system when used properly. These bags are convenient in medical settings, or home use in cases of lice or bedbugs.
  • Dissolvable laundry bags help protect staff from potential contamination
  • Designed to hold heavily contaminated linens
  • Bag dissolves completely in hot water of 140˚ F or above
  • Water soluble bags will not damage laundry, washer, or sewer system when properly used
  • Includes bag ties to properly secure laundry
  • Clear bag is made of polyvinyl alcohol film
  • Great to use for bed bugs, and hair lice
  • Hot water soluble bags can hold 20-25 gallons
  • Clear laundry bag measures 26 in x 33 in
  • Easy to use laundry bags
  • Manf #: 1-344 

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